Always changing girls room.

All things pink and pretty! When we moved into our current home, I designed a sweet little girl's room for my daughter. Hard to believe she was only 6 when we moved in, and as I type this, she is 9. Of course, the older she gets, the less she wants less of the "little girl room" stuff as she calls it. So as you can see through the years, I change it up little by little. This year, week two of being home due to the Covid-19, I stepped it up a notch with painting it gray with one wall in a light purple color, per her request. Of course, at the time (again with the COVID-19 stay at home orders), I had to use what I had, so I made some stuff, changed up her decor, and was going to use the gray we had leftover from another project but found out it wasn't any good. But thankfully, I was able to order curbside paint pick up at my local Sherwin Williams. I'm looking forward to all the future mini makeovers for my forever growing up little girl. However, I am in no rush, so time, please slow down!

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