SARA | I am always designing, cooking, and crafting. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, hosting pool, and holiday parties. I love the outdoors, especially hiking, camping, and bike riding.

MOMMA | I am blessed beyond words to be a mom, I love watching them grow and learn. My super sweet and sassy Madalyn is 9. She has beautiful red curly hair, loves crafting, softball, and gymnastics. My adorably handsome son Oliver is 7 and is as creative and kind as they come. He looks just like my dad did when he was a kid, which melts my heart! He loves Legos, swimming, and digging in the dirt. I am blessed to have been able to stay at home with my kiddos, working at home during the day and meeting clients in the evenings and weekends when my husband is home from work. It's a real balancing act at times; I am sure most parents can relate, but its been worth all the hard work.

WIFE | I married my high school sweetheart in 2003. My husband, Shawn, amazes me every day with his talents, hard work, and determination. When we decided to start our family, I knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom, which lead to the start of my company, Sara Smith Real Estate by Design. Shawn is actually the one that suggested I get my real estate license so that I could not only help my clients design their homes but help them buy and sell them too. That way, I could be with my kids and work from home during the day and meet with clients in the evenings and weekends. Well, that was a good idea! I have continued to grow in my design and real estate business now since 2009!


I have been a creative soul all my life, which is why I fell in love with interior design. Even when I was a kid, my parents would tell me to clean my room. Which in my world meant I would clean it and then rearrange all the furniture so I could have a different look and feel in the room. So once it was time to select a career, I chose design and haven't looked back. I started in commercial design and then worked for a home builder as a model home designer until 2008. Then in 2009, I began Sara Smith Real Estate by Design, helping my clients buy, sell, and design their homes and continue to grow each year.


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