"Homemade Healthier" Donuts

These "homemade" donuts are amazing and kid-approved! I say homemade in quotes because I used canned biscuits for this round. You can make homemade drop biscuits, and it would work great too. And "healthier" well, they aren't fried, but they're still sprinkled in sugar, so you be the judge!

My son loves donuts, but obviously, they aren't exactly a breakfast item I want him to have often. This recipe isn't super healthy exactly, but it's better than the alternative. Using my trusty air fryer, I decided to do the homemade donut trick (you know the one, take a can of biscuits- cut holes in the middle of each- drop in hot oil until brown- then roll in powdered or cinnamon sugar). I mean, who doesn't love fried dough?!

This donut recipe is the same concept except I don't use any oil; instead, I prepare the biscuits the same way but cook them in my air fryer instead of deep frying in oil. I first used a rolling pin to flatten them out a little so that they will cook more evenly. Cook them at 350 for around 5 min or until lightly browned, lightly brush them in butter and sprinkle or dredge (your choice, no judging here) either cinnamon or powdered sugar before they cool. Super simple, super easy, super tasty. It takes a little more time then you would think, but its a great cooking project to do with the kids. My son loves helping me make them and eat them too!


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