MusickSmith Guitars is two guys. Kyle Musick and Shawn Smith. There is no production line. There is no marketing department. We are the Board of Directors. We are the R&D department. We make the saw dust fly and we sweep up the floors. We build guitars because we love them.  Over the last several years, we have spent a lot of time learning everything we can about how to make a great guitar. We live in a golden age of luthiery with countless resources to learn from, but you can read 100 books about guitar building and only learn so much. Our best teacher has been all the time we’ve spent in the wood shop, busting our knuckles, sweating over mahogany with sandpaper in hand, shaping rosewood necks, carving flame maple tops, spraying nitro, inlaying pearl, leveling frets, and the list goes on. We push ourselves to make every guitar better than the last, and we refuse to accept anything less. Our curiosity and passion for great guitars have gotten us this far. We’d love to share some of that with you. If you are interested in talking with us about a custom guitar you can CONTACT US HERE.

Our shop is proudly located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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