Craig Ogden is a working artist located in Noblesville, Indiana U.S.A. His paintings are mostly done in acrylics on canvas, paper, or masonite panels. Each one is an expressive exercise. A celebration of paint, line, and form all working together to capture a single image or place in time.


As an artist, I am driven by the exercise of expressionism through abstract painting. Very often my work is simply a series of experiments mixing colors, textures, shapes, and scale to form an image that is new and surprising. I strive to keep my use of color and compositions clean and spontaneous, but always on the edge with order over chaos, comfort over uneasiness. 


I begin with an idea that uses representations of people interacting, or sometimes I use only abstract symbolism that suggests human action or emotion. I let the paint express a range of emotions and speak to the viewer. My paintings are sometimes full of joy, celebration and movement; other times still, quiet or lonely, but always alive with a visual story.


Seeing people react to what the paint expresses, and the strength of the messages conveyed, is truly what motivates me to paint and to continue to push myself to new levels of creative challenge.


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