Onsite design consultation appointment includes a 60-90 min walk through of the home and meeting with the owner to compile notes, take measurements and photos.   The designer will then provide a rough design plan and estimate within the agreed upon timeframe set at the onsite consultation.


Upon delivery of the rough design plan and estimate the owner can then choose to use the ideas provided and follow through without design assistance or proceed with Sara Smith Real Estate by Design and start the design process. 




After we have met for our first consultation and I have a better idea of your project goals, style and budget I will then start brainstorming different design ideas to fit your needs, ensuring they are both functional and beautiful. 


Depending on the project I will create some or all of the following plans: Design Plan & Budget, 3D Drawings, Floorplans, Furniture/Art/Rug/Lighting Selection Sheets, and Accessory Allowance with Installation Budget. 


Once we have a project plan, budget, contract, and first installment in place, I will then start creating a personalized design plan for your review. All design plans will vary but will include all or some of the following, floor plans, 3d visual drawings, elevations, furniture layouts, construction guidelines, product selections, budget for designer responsibilities, or any new project additions.  

The designer will select all items discussed in the design plan and compile a design layout featuring all selection options and showing them as a complete design.  We will then review all items and determine which options you like the best or if you would like to have additional options provided.  Once we get the design perfected, we start the ordering process and schedule for installation after construction completion.  


Once the design and selections are confirmed, the designer will provide a detailed design plan for you to reference and share with your contractors.  When needed I will assist in finalizing and ordering of all light fixtures, tile, flooring, paint, cabinetry, furniture, and any other agreed upon items during the design process and ensure they are at the job site for your contractor to install (some things may need to be purchased by contractor or homeowner).  A designer will be available to assist in making any design changes, reselections or answer any questions you or your contractor may have regarding the construction phase.  During the construction phase, the designer will be working on the purchasing of all items listed on the design plan and prepare for final installation once the construction phase is complete.   

Once the construction phase is complete, then its time to schedule for final installation.  Install day, designer and her team if required, will move all items in and begin to place furniture, rugs, lighting, hang art and place accessories.  Depending on the size of the project, installs typically take 1-3 days. 



Final Design Install-  On the agreed upon install day, the designer and her team if required, will move all items in and begin to place furniture, rugs, bedding, lighting, hang art and place accessories to bring each room together for a beautiful finished look. The designer will work in all rooms and use homeowner items that as listed on the design plan to incorporate the existing pieces with the new and make it all a cohesive look.  At the end of install day one, the designer will walk all project spaces and create a punch list of any additional items needed or required to complete the design.   If needed, the designer will schedule for a return installation date to install any reselects or other selections necessary to complete the design.  



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